How does this work?

It’s simple and easy. Send me an email from the booking page or reach out over the phone number that is listed on the Booking page.

I’ll say: “Hi 👋 How can I help?”

And if you just want to send your full name and your question at hand. Let’s say you do not know what to ask: I would recommend a general reading to guide your focus.

Disclaimer: If you include your birthday it will make the reading even more accurate but I understand why someone wouldn’t.

I will get back to you. Clarify your question if need be. Precise requests are best.

Then say, “Please hold.” While I perform the draw.

I will energetically cleanse the cards and perform the draw. Next, I will photograph the layout and send it included with your interpretation. This part can take anywhere from 5 minutes to a few hours depending on where I am.

The interpretation that is included is an excellent reflection tool. It gives you a point to reference when looking back. It also serves as a reminder of what you should be doing.

Start healing today.

Author: mf1986

Writer. Tarot Reader. Comic.

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