November – Tarot Pick A Card

November '22 Theme - 7 of Pentacles Tarot Card - The blackface of a tarot card - Reaping what you sown - on a black velvet background

Hello and welcome to November’s free 3 card tarot reading. This month’s reading theme is on “Reaping What You’ve Sown.” This is a very appropriate theme for harvest season. Fall ends this month ushering in winter and time for reflection on all that we have accomplished this year.

Scroll down for the reveal.

#1 – 7 of Swords

How have you gained what you are reaping? Has it all been honest and proper? If you’ve been taking actions that in the gray area, it is time to start doing things by the book. Unless you want to get caught.

#2 – 7 of Cups

You’ve put efforts into many different endeavors, but how well have you been doing it all? It is time to bring your focus on one thing. Take a deep breath and analyze your options with a realistic mindset. Most things that are “too good to be true”, are just that. Take this positive energy and succeed.

#3 -Knight of Cups Reversed

You’ve been waiting on some news and perhaps even feeling burned out as the time passes. Good news are on the way! In the meantime, what can you do to center yourself and prioritize your goals? Even an extra day off from work can be great for our mental well being. Treat yourself right, you’re worth it.

Thank you for reading my November Pick A Card! It means a lot to me that you stopped by. I hope you have an excellent month!

If you are ever in need of additional guidance feel free to reach out to book a reading.

Your friend,

Eternal Tarot



First post of 2021.

We made it.

It is now 2021, and we are still here.

We survived sickness, turmoil and The Great Conjunction. We remain.

I see my Tarot reading as a form of service to the world. Lately, I have not been of much service.

The Learn Tarot book that I am writing is on hold due to career changes.

This is not an indefinite hold, just a long pause.

I would like to continue to do readings for my audience but have been struggling to find the energy and focus.

Rest assured, I will be returning with a brand new Pick A Card for February.

And hopefully will have my Learn Tarot book finished by March.

If there is anything Tarot related, that you would like to see, please drop me a line : Eternaltarot@gmail.com

Managing Difficult Times using the Tarot.

Tarot can be used in a vast variety of ways to guide you through life’s challenges.

Over the past few days, I have talked about how the Tarot helped me make it through the most challenging time of my life.

My marriage was dissolving, my family was being separated and my home displaced. Everything in my world was crumbling and I found peace through my faith in God and His divine guidance through the Tarot.

Tarot 101

The Tarot consists of 78 cards. These cards depict ancient archetypes that are prevalent throughout the human experience. A tarot reader channels messages from the cards, then “reads” the cards to determine their meaning. This is also referred to as the Interpretation.

Where is the Tarot reader channeling the message from?

This is a good question and I think it varies from reader to reader.

Personally, I pray to God during each draw and ask God to guide my hand. I pray to God for guidance and truly believe that I am channeling God’s will. I ask God to guide my Querent to their highest good. As I mentioned in my previous post, God has sent messengers to me so I believe that the Highest Power is with me.

Different issues require different solutions.

When using the Tarot, there are endless spreads and draws you can conduct. Before doing a draw, I ask myself what it is I want to know.

It would be silly to do a 10 card draw when what I wish to know is something as simple as: Should I go on vacation this weekend?

Below I will go over some standard techniques and procedures for receiving accurate messages from the Tarot.

The Daily Draw

Can you do a Tarot draw everyday? Yes! If you’re new to Tarot reading, I would even recommend that you do a Daily Draw to learn the cards.

The Daily Draw is an excellent tool when dealing with a lot of uncertainty. The draw serves as a reminder that each day is a new beginning. Doing a daily draw can help prepare you for the individual challenges each day brings.

When I started reading Tarot, I would draw one card every morning. As I shuffled the cards, I would ask what the theme for the day would be.

Over on my Instagram, I do an Energy Read of the Day drawing one card for each day of the month. Follow me to see what energy each day hold.

The question for the daily draw can be tailored to suit your needs. If you are feeling uneasy, you can ask for advice on how to overcome your day. If you want to know what to expect at work, you can ask about the environment at work. The Daily Draw is a great way to become familiar with the meaning of the Tarot cards and to gain insight on how your day will unfold.

Specific Questions

We’ve all been there, waiting on an answer from someone else. The minutes become hours, the hours turn into days. All the while, we think on the possible outcomes of each decision as we check our phone for a message, just one more time. We go over in detail each life that will be lived depending on the answer. Our lives at a standstill.

Perhaps you are waiting to hear back from a client? Or you are wondering if that date you went on will materialize into something more? Or you are curious if you should sign up for summer classes or wait until fall semester? These questions all have answers that can change your life in varying degrees. What if the agony of waiting for a response could be side stepped?

Whatever the question, the Tarot can help give you some peace of mind. Because waiting for an answer can really drive a person mad.

Past, Present, Future (PPF)

This classic draw covers the past, present and future of a situation. Let’s say you keep having issues at work with your manager. Every time you work with them, some drama happens. You have had enough of the abuse and are exploring your options. In this scenario, you could employ a PPF to see where you stand in your work life.

I like to interpret the cards as: Past (where you are coming from), Present (where you are at) and Future (where you are going). With these three dimensions, the Querent can get a solid idea of what needs to be done.

Monthly Outlooks

Personally, I like to know what is coming. I used to live with surprises, now I prepare for them. Doing a monthly outlook 5 card draw is a great way to see what kind of challenges you will face in the month to come.

Think back on a challenging time in your life. Did you notice that sometimes the same things would keep coming up? Almost as if the Universe was trying to tell you something. Well, it was.

Now you don’t have to be uncertain. You can consult the Tarot and know for sure what issues you need to focus on. Personal growth is an everlasting endeavor comprised of ups and downs. Give yourself a hand up during the tough times by staying alert to upcoming challenges.

Deep Dives

Finding out your boyfriend got a new job in a new city, when you just got accepted to the local University. Contemplating starting your dream business. Discovering suppressed trauma. These are all situations that require deep analysis.

The Celtic Cross is an ancient and powerful 10 card spread that will leave no area of the issue hidden.

I absolutely love the Celtic Cross. When I started out reading Tarot, I could only perform a Celtic Cross draw once every 3 months due to my inexperience with interpretation of the cards. Now, I pull this spread out whenever I encounter a challenge that is unfamiliar.

This spread goes over the issue, the reason why it’s happening, how you feel about it, what the future holds and the outcome of the whole thing just to name a few aspects.

If you have to absolutely know everything about a particular issue, this is the spread for you.

Forewarned is…


There are times when the cards haven’t said what I wanted to hear. It happened today actually.

No, that job is not right for you.

No, that relationship is not right for you.

No, that career is not right for you.

Although it wasn’t what I wanted to hear, these honest answers allowed me to move on. The foreknowledge allowed me to accept the possibility of not having what I wanted, then make changes accordingly. The disappointment was softened by a refocus of direction.


The Tarot predicts the future as it stands if we change nothing. We are creatures of free will and in charge of our destinies. If we change one small thing, the future changes. When the Tarot is read, nothing is written in stone.


There you have it! Lots of ways to utilize the Tarot to navigate your life into prosperity and happiness. Stop living in confusion and dread book your reading today!

If you have any questions, please comment below!

Is Tarot evil?

Is Tarot evil?
In my experience, no.

This is a big question I get asked frequently: Is Tarot Evil?

According to many religions: yes it is. In my experience: it is not. Ultimately, that is for you to decide.

Religion has borrowed a lot from occult rituals. If you examine the Catholic religion you will find many references to occultism. Easter, the body and blood of Christ and the altar set up are just a few examples.

Catholic Mass Altar Setup

Aside from those facts, religions have also been perpetrators of some horrible abuses from the Spanish Inquisition to the most recent Boston Church scandal. I find it hard to take moral advice from organizations that allow its leaders to abuse children. That’s me though.

Growing Up (TW:abuse)

I grew up Catholic. Weekend mass was the only constant in my young life. I found comfort and stability in the church when I could not find it in my own life. I attended mass, was an altar server and received Confirmation into the Roman Catholic Church. This does not mean I am a saint.

On the contrary, I have strayed on my path. Yet my relationship with God was never so damaged that I stopped having faith.

My devotion to God goes back to being a skinny kid, living in a trailer on a farm in Texas.

My stepdad was a violent alcoholic who enjoyed beating those around him whenever he would drink. It was during one of his rampages that I devoted my soul to God.

I went into my room when I was 6, got on my knees and prayed to God that my stepdad wouldn’t hurt me. I prayed fervently to God, promising to live my life in servitude to It if I was spared the beating.

I was spared and my journey to help further God’s mission began.

Connection to God

From that day on, I had a deep connection to the Highest Power. At different dark points in my life, God even sent messengers to me with messages and warnings.

When I started reading Tarot, I wondered if God would be upset. I wondered if what I was doing was wrong. Recalling the teachings of the church and the words of the congregants: magic is evil.

Then I realized that God has always made it clear to me, when It is displeased with my actions. So I continued to hone my Tarot reading skills.

I have now been reading Tarot for 5 years. In that time, I have pulled myself out of a depression. I have avoided bad business deals. I developed my intuition further. I also began to help others through their difficult periods.

Helping Others

My friends and co-workers heard how I used the Tarot to receive guidance when no one around had any answers. I told them of finding answers to my questions that no one around could relate to.

They listened as I recounted times when my cards warned of shady situations and how those situations ended up manifesting! They were intrigued as I told them how I avoided being caught in a scam.

These stories affected them. They wondered if the Tarot could help them too. But I wasn’t ready to read for others so I waited.

It wasn’t until last year that I started to take on clients.

Since then I have seen people change careers, start new businesses and get control of their lives. All with the guidance provided by the Tarot.

Is Tarot Evil?

I do not believe so. I believe that God wants all of us to use the tools we have available to make the most of our lives.

Ultimately, the answer to the question lies with the individual. Each person must decide what is right for them.

If you are considering consulting a Tarot reader, remember that what you do can remain private. If the only thing stopping you from getting some clear answers to your questions, is other people’s opinions on the method: there is nothing wrong with keeping the reading private.

July Special

If you are unsure if Tarot can help you navigate difficulties in your life, I am running a $10 special for the month of July. This reading will tell you: where you are at in your life and what you should be doing. This offer is an excellent opportunity to test my intuition and see if Tarot Guidance is right for you. Book a reading today and get answers fast!

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My Tarot Journey

Iguanas, 30 foot trees and magic: my introduction to Tarot.

Some Tarot readers were gifted their decks by friends or relatives, others sought the Tarot on their own, I needed a Tarot deck for a spell to find an iguana.

Let me start at the beginning of the story.

Have you ever been in a period of your life where a lot of little things start going wrong? Maybe your hours get cut at work? Then your insurance bill goes up a little. Then you hear the car sounding strained. All these small annoyances just harshing your mellow.

I was in a period like that 5 years ago when I discovered the Tarot. My marriage was going through a difficulties. Work was unsteady. My home was in need of repairs. I was feeling a lot of pressure.

Then my iguana ran way.

I had the sliding glass door cracked and she squeezed out. She stood in the backyard 5 feet away from the house.

Every step I took towards her, she would dart further way. Here’s the thing about iguana’s, they are crazy fast! Finally, I lunged at her!

She took off and climbed the neighbors wall. She disappeared into their backyard. 

It was the end of May, in Las Vegas. Being that iguanas are tropical creatures I immediately became distressed. My poor iguana would be exposed to the harsh weather. 

I did what any pet owner would do: I made flyers and went door to door asking if anyone had seen her. No one had.

I could not believe one more thing was going wrong. Out of my frustration, I decided to search for a spell to find my lost pet.

I had never casted a spell before. I had always been interested in magic but never felt compelled to try it. This time, I was ready.

To my surprise, I found a Tarot spell for finding lost pets. I went to my local metaphysical shop and purchased a set of Rider-Waite-Smith cards.

That night, I performed the spell. After the spell was complete, I set my cards aside and went about my business.

The next day came, no word of my iguana. A month would pass, no word of my iguana. Another month passed. Then another month passed. My spell did not work.

Or did it?

In late August 2015, there was a knock on my door. Three young boys stood on my porch excitedly telling me that they had found my iguana!

I quickly put my shoes on, grabbed a towel to carry the iguana and followed them to the tree my iguana was in.

The tree was 30 feet high and my iguana was somewhere around the 20ft mark. Thankfully, the neighbors had a ladder. I climbed up the ladder. At this point, about 15 neighbors had gathered in the street to watch the iguana retrieval. No pressure.

I climbed up 18ft on the shaky ladder and wrestled with my iguana to try and detach her from the tree. After some seriously determined grasping, I was able to carry my iguana back down the tree!

Iggy after the rescue!

So the spell did work!

At this time, I was not yet a fully committed Tarot reader. My deck was mostly there as an ornament.

It wasn’t until my marriage began to dissolve about 6 months later, that I began to use my cards for insight.

The period following this Iguana Caper was the hardest time of my life. It was filled with uncertainty, confusion and sadness. I used the Tarot to navigate my troubled waters and find tranquility. The Tarot offered me guidance and advice when those around me couldn’t understand my situation.

You know how it is, you tell your friends what is going on in your life and they can not relate. It makes any feeling os isolation even more amplified. I found companionship within myself through the use of the Tarot.

I used the Tarot even though it went against my traditional Christian beliefs. I used the Tarot because I felt like Spirit speaks to me through it.

Although my iguana is no longer here with me, my Tarot deck still is. This month I am offering a “Life Check Special” for $10. With this spread, you will find out: where you are at in your life and what you should be doing. For the price of lunch, you can get concrete answers to your questions.

If you can not benefit from this, tell someone who will. There is no reason to remain unsure when tools are available to help guide you to your highest good.

Blog Coming Soon: Is the Tarot evil? (spoiler: it isn’t)


July Tarotscopes

The month of July holds a reoccurring theme of: Balance. With so many parts to our life: Are they moving in harmony?

Hello everyone! If you do not follow me on Instagram or on Twitter than you probably missed out on this month’s Tarotscopes.

Worry not! I have them right here for you! And if you do not feel like reading, you can watch the live draw right below!

The questions at hand for July 2020 are: 

  1. The theme for the month. 
  2. How to overcome obstacles. 


  1. The theme for the month: 8 of Pentacles Reversed=

As you have heard: there is no free lunch. Keep working hard, it will pay off. Every success is built on hard work. 

  1. How to overcome obstacles: Page of Pentacles Reversed= 

You’ll be able to win your battles my maintaining focus. Write down your top 3 priorities. Start there. 


  1. The theme for the month: King of Wands Reversed=

You are being asked to bring kindness, tolerance and understanding to the world this month. Are you up to it?

  1. How to overcome obstacles: King of Pentacles=

Following the established way to do things is what will help you out this month. Leave the flashy methods to another time. 


  1. The theme for the month: 2 of Swords Reversed=

It’s time to check on your partnerships of all kinds and see how balanced they are in relation to one another. 

  1. How to overcome obstacles: 9 of Cups Reversed=

If you stop to identify the life you really want to live, you may find yourself living it sooner than imagined. The key is to get specific. Write down your BIGGEST dream. 


  1. The theme for the month: 3 of Swords=

You know those really good long cries that hurt but then you feel amazing afterwards? It may be time for one of those. 

  1. How to overcome obstacles: The Chariot Reversed=

Are you moving just for the sake of moving? Do you even remember where you are going? Remember your purpose and direction. 


  1. The theme for the month: Page of Wands Reversed=

There is a level of confusion and indecision during this time. You may be sought out for council. 

  1. How to overcome obstacles: 9 of Wands Reversed=

Kindness and weakness are different things. Be kind to yourself first. Your strength will return. Life is a cycle. 


  1. The theme for the month: Queen of Wands Reversed=

The offering and receiving of moral support is your theme for this month. Highly likely it is involving and older woman with light hair. 

  1. How to overcome obstacles: 4 of Swords=

Taking time and space for yourself will be beneficial to you this month. What are some of your boundaries for taking personal space? 


  1. The theme for the month: Ace of Cups=

New beginnings in love and other areas! Goodwill is in the air. Share it with others.

  1. How to overcome obstacles: 4 of Cups Reversed=

Consider the times you were in a self-imposed rut. You may be in one now, too. Start making changes.


  1. The theme for the month: 9 of Pentacles=

This is a very positive card. Financial matters are going very well and there is much to show gratitude for! Share your joy with others! 

  1. How to overcome obstacles: Page of Cups=

Play! Dream! Have fun! Approach any issue that arises with a wild imagination! You are protected. 


  1. The theme for the month: 2 of Wands=

If you’re going to get your 15 levels of energy bodies in alignment, you should probably start at the beginning. The basics: food & rest. Check your balance.

  1. How to overcome obstacles: Ace of Wands=

Keep feeling optimistic, upbeat and hopeful about the future! Good things are on their way! How will you express your gratitude? 


  1. The theme for the month: 8 of Swords Reversed=

You are ready to move past your fears. Enough time has passed and you can go on. Will you ask for help when you need it?

  1. How to overcome obstacles: Page of Swords=

Check your pace. You may be using too much force and hurting your cause. 


  1. The theme for the month: 6 of Pentacles= 

Cycles are integral to the human existence. You are about to enter a prosperous cycle. How will you share in your abundance? 

  1. How to overcome obstacles: 8 of Pentacles Reversed=

Just like was said to Cancer: There is no free lunch. Keeping your head down and focusing on your goal is what you must do now. 


  1. The theme for the month: 2 of Pentacles=

You have got to bring your priorities down to 2 areas of focus. There is a lot of broad juggling going on that is throwing your balance off. 

  1. How to overcome obstacles: Justice=

Fairness and harmony will be important this month, be gentle. Everything is connected and not all we are called to deal with is a result of our own actions or Karma. 

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UNBELIEVABLE! What The Future Has In Store For Ghislaine Maxwell!

Predicting the future of human trafficker Ghislaine Maxwell.

Pedophile ring leader and former girlfriend to rapist Jeffrey Epstein, Ghislaine Maxwell was arrested on the morning of July 2nd in New Hampshire.

Jeffrey Epstein was a pimp to the world’s elite.

Ghislaine Maxwell was his accomplice.

Since Epstein was “suicided” I wonder if Maxwell will meet a similar end.

I consulted my cards and here is what they have to say.

Shocking! 🤯

1 Month

Ace of Swords Reversed

It seems like she’s going to have some trouble trusting people and maybe trusting the wrong people. There will be a lot of illusions during this time for her.

It is very easy to trust people who are not working in your best interest. In this context, we are not working in Maxwell’s best interest.

She is a pedophile human trafficker. There is literally nothing more vile. So I’m glad she’s going to feel confused and alone. Maybe she’ll understand a bit of what her victims felt.

6 Months

Ace of Wands Reversed

Seems like Maxwell is going to be feeling really weak and experiencing disappointments. Perhaps deals that she made for breaks and leniency, are now off the table.

Her plans to sell out her friends and get a shorter prison sentences were mere fantasies.

They are all going to pay for their crimes.

With her being the first.

A Year

Page of Pentacles

This card signals the appearance of an ally. Someone who admires the subject and is aligned to their cause. A studious person. This is a sign of good luck and a signifier to a “golden opportunity.”

I have to be in honest, I am biased and I do not like the sound of this.

It sounds to me as if someone who is close to her, such as a guard or someone on her legal team is going to really offer their help to her perhaps in a way outside of the public realm.

They could know a person of high influence or power that may be willing to help Maxwell.

This is highly speculative and my own interpretation.

The message is: an ally appears.


It seems like Maxwell is going to feel like she doesn’t know who to trust, followed by a period of failed plans and ending with the appearance of a new ally.

This reading is my own prediction and my own interpretation. Let’s wait and see how this trial unfolds.

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June Tarotscopes

June Tarotscopes
What’s to come & How do I deal?

Hi everyone! Thank you for your patience!

Here are your June Tarotscopes with Interpretations:

If you feel they helped you please comment and share!


To Come: Queen Wands R- Fertility and feminine support. Extending and asking for help.   

To Deal: 5 Swords R- No need to prove you’re right, when you are right. Pick your battles. 


To Come: 5 Pentacles R- Moving away from hard times. 

To Deal: Chariot- Get clear on your goals and focus forward. 


To Come: 2 Wands- Needing to maintain balance. 

To Deal: King Swords- Think of how others may be feeling before acting. 


To Come: King Cups R- Necessary risks

To Deal: Moon R- Trust yourself deeply. 


To Come: 6 Pentacles- An upswing in finances. 

To Deal: The World R- If you feel stuck, ask for help.


To Come: 5 Swords- Mixed feelings about usual surroundings. 

To Deal: 8 Cups- Leave the things that do not work for you. 


To Come: The Emperor- Giving the mind control over the heart.  

To Deal: 2 Swords R: Finding balance in all partnerships. 


To Come: 6 Wands- Overcoming challenges.

To Deal: High Priestess R- Tap into your intuition and sexual energy. 


To Come: Tower R- Losing some stability.

To Deal: Death R- Know that endings spawn beginnings. 


To Come: Queen Wands- Accomplishing a lot with positivity. 

To Deal: Justice R- Differentiate between your Karma and someone else’s. 


To Come: King Cups- The Universe supports you. 

To Deal: 6 Wands- Overcoming challenges and winning. 


To Come: The Star- Inspiration and Hopefulness

To Deal: 9 Cups- Lot’s of prosperity and happiness. This is the “wish” card. 

Chakra Healing Color Visualization

Chakra Healing with Color Visualization. Balance your 7 chakras and improve your life.

Hi friends! I want to share a chakra healing technique with you today.

This week has been extremely tiring for everyone. Many issues are coming to a head. The citizens of the United States are fed up with police brutality against the Black community.


As the world marches, we as healers must find inner balance. That we may go out and help heal our world. Healing begins within.

The Chakras

I have been fascinated with spiritual healing since my pre-adolescence. At 18, I began to do further research into chakras: the energy centers of our bodies.

When these 7 chakras are in balance: we have access to our highest potential. We use the word balance here because chakra in Sanskrit means “wheel.” We balance wheels. Balance in the chakras “spins” them, this is activation.

There are 7 chakras that are most commonly referenced:

  • Crown (White)
  • Third Eye (Purple)
  • Throat (Blue)
  • Heart (Green)
  • Solar Plexus (Yellow)
  • Sacral (Orange)
  • Root (Red)

Each of these chakras is associated with a color as seen above. Each chakra is also associated with different abilities and behaviors in the physical/spiritual body. A quick video breakdown.

Learning to visualize the colors associated with each chakra during a meditation will help you to balance that chakra. Having your chakras in balance will make the full potential of your energy available to you. Your life force aka prana will flow through you undisturbed.

When a chakra is blocked or out of alignment, the whole body suffers.

I only know and speak from my own experience. I have wanted to align my chakras since I learned of their existence. After many attempts, today: May 31st, 2020 I reached my goal. Yes, it took 16 years. This accomplishment is no less sweet.

Aligning my chakras.

When I first got into yoga, it was with the Yoga Zone DVD’s. The company was run by Alan Finger, a practicing yoga teacher to date. (Since the videos were pretty old, and it’s been sometime: I decided to make sure Alan Finger is in fact still alive. He is. And he’s kind of a badass. )

I digress.

The Yoga Zone video which introduced me to the practice of visualizing my chakras and their associated color was Flexibility and Stress Release. It was my mom’s copy and I could not find it on YouTube.

The video.

After an intense stretch session, Mr. Finger guides the viewer on a meditation while in Savasana. He asks us to guide energy from our feet up our body while stopping at each chakra to activate it. We activate the chakra by visualizing the area of the body it would be at and the color associated with it.

I was able to use this method to activate my chakras but never like I did today. Granted, my experience practicing yoga aided my success. Remember: you can start now.

Today I discovered what methods of my visualization practice worked the best. I want to share them with you.

Visualizing The Chakras

Looking at a chart of where the chakras are can give you an area of focus.

Some people use a bright purple for the crown. Both are right.

While in a meditation, [it does not matter if you got to that state after a yoga practice or not: the important part is that the mind be still.] visualize the area of your body associated with the chakra you want to balance. I like to start on either end and work my way across the chakras. Root to Crown. Crown to Root. But you may want to focus on just one.

When I visualize the area of my body, I then visualize the color associated with that area. If I am having trouble visualizing the color alone, I think of an object of that color.

Examples of Objects to Visualize:

  • Red Rose
  • Orange Fruit
  • Yellow Sun
  • Green Trees
  • Blue Glass
  • Purple Velvet
  • White Light

I then imagine the area being covered by the object. I monitor and consider changes in energy positive. Any energy, for me, indicates an awakening of the chakra being visualized. I stay with the intention for as long as feels right. Then I repeat the process at the next chakra.

3 days ago, I discovered a Guided Abundance Meditation lead by Bob Proctor. Mr. Proctor was featured on the Law of Attraction movie: The Secret (it’s on Netflix). His meditation involves chakra activation using the visualization of light energy.

Today, I was able to align my chakras for the first time in my life while listening to that meditation.

In the meditation, Mr. Proctor challenges the listener to practice the meditation for 30 days. I think I will accept the challenge.

What to do:

  • Check out Bob Proctor’s 20mn meditation
  • Practice visualizing the colors or the objects
  • Keep practicing!

Start today! You have nothing but time!

Please let me know in the comments if you tried this and how it went!