Tarot cards tell the future.

Magic for Good.

For the price of dinner, you can know what’s to come in your life.

The Tarot is a form of fortune telling (divination) . For the last 600 years, Tarot has helped royalty, generals and common folk prepare for their future.

Through the Tarot, a person (Querent) can discover their future, gain clarity and receive insight.

The power of the Tarot is available to you today!

What is the Tarot?

The Tarot itself is a deck of 78 cards.

Example of Rider-Waite-Smith Deck

There are many different types of Tarot decks. The most widely recognized imagery associated with the Tarot comes from the Rider-Waite-Smith Deck, pictured above. This is the deck used by Eternal Tarot.

The imagery on the deck evokes ancient archetypes that lie in every human’s subconscious. These archetypes help to categorize our existence. (Fun Archetypes Quiz)

Why Tarot?

When using the Tarot, we bring forth deep messages from our subconscious. Deep messages that we may be trying to ignore or having trouble understanding. These messages are deciphered from the imagery after conducting a draw. (Learn More)

This type of communication involves a medium who will deliver the answer to the Querent, through the cards. This is the Reader.

Through years of experience, a Reader can interpret the messages on the cards expertly.

The interpretation is the most important part of the process. Anyone can buy a Tarot deck, shuffle the cards and ask it a question. Knowing what the cards mean is more important than anything else. The better the interpretation, the better the benefits and understanding.

Anyone can buy a Tarot deck, shuffle the cards and ask it a question. Knowing what the cards mean is more important than anything else.


Who is Eternal Tarot?

My name is Michelle and I run EternalTarot.

I have been reading and studying the Tarot for the last 5 years. I am 33 years old and have been studying metaphysics since I was 17.

I thoroughly believe that we all have the power to create the lives we want. I believe that God wants us to live well and be grateful.

Abundance is everywhere. Oftentimes, we are blocking ourselves from receiving blessings.

Through the Tarot, I will help you discover the obstacles in your life and how to overcome them.

I know this works, because it helped me when I was going through a divorce and many other personal struggles.

My knowledge of the Tarot combined with my personal experience and extensive knowledge of spiritual concepts is here at your service.

Whether you are only asking one question or you are seeking an advisor during a difficult time, Eternal Tarot is here for you. All challenges are easier when faced with a partner.

Get support on your journey and book me today!

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To connect people with Divine guidance and prosperity through use of the Tarot.


To give people access to another tool for self healing, abundance and enlightenment. 

To one day have Tarot be widely respected as a tool for self guidance. 


To only channel from God with the highest good in mind. 

To deliver truthful information

To interpret the cards in a meaningful way. 

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