1 Card Draw – $10
– A great price for the answers you seek. 

3 Card Draw – $20 
– Past, Present, Future: It’s all revealed here. 

5 Card Custom – $50
– When the situation is so confusing you need special guidance. 

Celtic Cross – $100
– An ancient, 10 card draw that will look at your situation from every angle and deliver a path forward. This draw looks at the spiritual, emotional and physical then outlines what will await you.

When should I consult the Tarot?

If you are starting out in a new job and want to know how long you will stay there?

If you are considering changing your major but are not sure if it’s the right thing to do?

If you have been thinking about starting a business but are not sure when to go for it?

When you come to a fork in the road; Eternal Tarot can advise you on which path to take.

Royalty, generals and seekers used the Tarot to take charge of their fate. Why not you?


Why the Tarot?

For the last 600 years royalty, generals and seekers used the Tarot to take charge of their fate. The 78 cards of the Tarot are a tool for divination, guidance and council.

A Querent consults with a Reader who will perform a draw to answer the Querent’s question.

The Reader will then interpret the cards for the Querent, delivering messages from the Divine.

The Tarot can answer any question and provide guidance in any situation. Eternal Tarot specializes in life and career advising.

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