My Tarot Journey

Iguanas, 30 foot trees and magic: my introduction to Tarot.

Some Tarot readers were gifted their decks by friends or relatives, others sought the Tarot on their own, I needed a Tarot deck for a spell to find an iguana.

Let me start at the beginning of the story.

Have you ever been in a period of your life where a lot of little things start going wrong? Maybe your hours get cut at work? Then your insurance bill goes up a little. Then you hear the car sounding strained. All these small annoyances just harshing your mellow.

I was in a period like that 5 years ago when I discovered the Tarot. My marriage was going through a difficulties. Work was unsteady. My home was in need of repairs. I was feeling a lot of pressure.

Then my iguana ran way.

I had the sliding glass door cracked and she squeezed out. She stood in the backyard 5 feet away from the house.

Every step I took towards her, she would dart further way. Here’s the thing about iguana’s, they are crazy fast! Finally, I lunged at her!

She took off and climbed the neighbors wall. She disappeared into their backyard. 

It was the end of May, in Las Vegas. Being that iguanas are tropical creatures I immediately became distressed. My poor iguana would be exposed to the harsh weather. 

I did what any pet owner would do: I made flyers and went door to door asking if anyone had seen her. No one had.

I could not believe one more thing was going wrong. Out of my frustration, I decided to search for a spell to find my lost pet.

I had never casted a spell before. I had always been interested in magic but never felt compelled to try it. This time, I was ready.

To my surprise, I found a Tarot spell for finding lost pets. I went to my local metaphysical shop and purchased a set of Rider-Waite-Smith cards.

That night, I performed the spell. After the spell was complete, I set my cards aside and went about my business.

The next day came, no word of my iguana. A month would pass, no word of my iguana. Another month passed. Then another month passed. My spell did not work.

Or did it?

In late August 2015, there was a knock on my door. Three young boys stood on my porch excitedly telling me that they had found my iguana!

I quickly put my shoes on, grabbed a towel to carry the iguana and followed them to the tree my iguana was in.

The tree was 30 feet high and my iguana was somewhere around the 20ft mark. Thankfully, the neighbors had a ladder. I climbed up the ladder. At this point, about 15 neighbors had gathered in the street to watch the iguana retrieval. No pressure.

I climbed up 18ft on the shaky ladder and wrestled with my iguana to try and detach her from the tree. After some seriously determined grasping, I was able to carry my iguana back down the tree!

Iggy after the rescue!

So the spell did work!

At this time, I was not yet a fully committed Tarot reader. My deck was mostly there as an ornament.

It wasn’t until my marriage began to dissolve about 6 months later, that I began to use my cards for insight.

The period following this Iguana Caper was the hardest time of my life. It was filled with uncertainty, confusion and sadness. I used the Tarot to navigate my troubled waters and find tranquility. The Tarot offered me guidance and advice when those around me couldn’t understand my situation.

You know how it is, you tell your friends what is going on in your life and they can not relate. It makes any feeling os isolation even more amplified. I found companionship within myself through the use of the Tarot.

I used the Tarot even though it went against my traditional Christian beliefs. I used the Tarot because I felt like Spirit speaks to me through it.

Although my iguana is no longer here with me, my Tarot deck still is. This month I am offering a “Life Check Special” for $10. With this spread, you will find out: where you are at in your life and what you should be doing. For the price of lunch, you can get concrete answers to your questions.

If you can not benefit from this, tell someone who will. There is no reason to remain unsure when tools are available to help guide you to your highest good.

Blog Coming Soon: Is the Tarot evil? (spoiler: it isn’t)