November – Tarot Pick A Card

November '22 Theme - 7 of Pentacles Tarot Card - The blackface of a tarot card - Reaping what you sown - on a black velvet background

Hello and welcome to November’s free 3 card tarot reading. This month’s reading theme is on “Reaping What You’ve Sown.” This is a very appropriate theme for harvest season. Fall ends this month ushering in winter and time for reflection on all that we have accomplished this year.

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#1 – 7 of Swords

How have you gained what you are reaping? Has it all been honest and proper? If you’ve been taking actions that in the gray area, it is time to start doing things by the book. Unless you want to get caught.

#2 – 7 of Cups

You’ve put efforts into many different endeavors, but how well have you been doing it all? It is time to bring your focus on one thing. Take a deep breath and analyze your options with a realistic mindset. Most things that are “too good to be true”, are just that. Take this positive energy and succeed.

#3 -Knight of Cups Reversed

You’ve been waiting on some news and perhaps even feeling burned out as the time passes. Good news are on the way! In the meantime, what can you do to center yourself and prioritize your goals? Even an extra day off from work can be great for our mental well being. Treat yourself right, you’re worth it.

Thank you for reading my November Pick A Card! It means a lot to me that you stopped by. I hope you have an excellent month!

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