Chakra Healing Color Visualization

Chakra Healing Color Visualization

Hi friends! I want to share a chakra healing technique with you today.

This week has been extremely tiring for everyone. Many issues are coming to a head. The citizens of the United States are fed up with police brutality against the Black community.


As the world marches, we as healers must find inner balance. That we may go out and help heal our world. Healing begins within.

The Chakras

I have been fascinated with spiritual healing since my pre-adolescence. At 18, I began to do further research into chakras: the energy centers of our bodies.

When these 7 chakras are in balance: we have access to our highest potential. We use the word balance here because chakra in Sanskrit means “wheel.” We balance wheels. Balance in the chakras “spins” them, this is activation.

There are 7 chakras that are most commonly referenced:

  • Crown (White)
  • Third Eye (Purple)
  • Throat (Blue)
  • Heart (Green)
  • Solar Plexus (Yellow)
  • Sacral (Orange)
  • Root (Red)

Each of these chakras is associated with a color as seen above. Each chakra is also associated with different abilities and behaviors in the physical/spiritual body. A quick video breakdown.

Learning to visualize the colors associated with each chakra during a meditation will help you to balance that chakra. Having your chakras in balance will make the full potential of your energy available to you. Your life force aka prana will flow through you undisturbed.

When a chakra is blocked or out of alignment, the whole body suffers.

I only know and speak from my own experience. I have wanted to align my chakras since I learned of their existence. After many attempts, today: May 31st, 2020 I reached my goal. Yes, it took 16 years. This accomplishment is no less sweet.

Aligning my chakras.

When I first got into yoga, it was with the Yoga Zone DVD’s. The company was run by Alan Finger, a practicing yoga teacher to date. (Since the videos were pretty old, and it’s been sometime: I decided to make sure Alan Finger is in fact still alive. He is. And he’s kind of a badass. )

I digress.

The Yoga Zone video which introduced me to the practice of visualizing my chakras and their associated color was Flexibility and Stress Release. It was my mom’s copy and I could not find it on YouTube.

The video.

After an intense stretch session, Mr. Finger guides the viewer on a meditation while in Savasana. He asks us to guide energy from our feet up our body while stopping at each chakra to activate it. We activate the chakra by visualizing the area of the body it would be at and the color associated with it.

I was able to use this method to activate my chakras but never like I did today. Granted, my experience practicing yoga aided my success. Remember: you can start now.

Today I discovered what methods of my visualization practice worked the best. I want to share them with you.

Visualizing The Chakras

Looking at a chart of where the chakras are can give you an area of focus.

Some people use a bright purple for the crown. Both are right.

While in a meditation, [it does not matter if you got to that state after a yoga practice or not: the important part is that the mind be still.] visualize the area of your body associated with the chakra you want to balance. I like to start on either end and work my way across the chakras. Root to Crown. Crown to Root. But you may want to focus on just one.

When I visualize the area of my body, I then visualize the color associated with that area. If I am having trouble visualizing the color alone, I think of an object of that color.

Examples of Objects to Visualize:

  • Red Rose
  • Orange Fruit
  • Yellow Sun
  • Green Trees
  • Blue Glass
  • Purple Velvet
  • White Light

I then imagine the area being covered by the object. I monitor and consider changes in energy positive. Any energy, for me, indicates an awakening of the chakra being visualized. I stay with the intention for as long as feels right. Then I repeat the process at the next chakra.

3 days ago, I discovered a Guided Abundance Meditation lead by Bob Proctor. Mr. Proctor was featured on the Law of Attraction movie: The Secret (it’s on Netflix). His meditation involves chakra activation using the visualization of light energy.

Today, I was able to align my chakras for the first time in my life while listening to that meditation.

In the meditation, Mr. Proctor challenges the listener to practice the meditation for 30 days. I think I will accept the challenge.

What to do:

  • Check out Bob Proctor’s 20mn meditation
  • Practice visualizing the colors or the objects
  • Keep practicing!

Start today! You have nothing but time!

Please let me know in the comments if you tried this and how it went!

New Moon Tarot Guidance for the Signs

New Moon Tarot Guidance for the Signs

Here is some Tarot guidance for the signs and where they should place their New Moon Intentions this evening.

Aries: Page Swords 

Managing expectations. Do you receive feedback well? 

Taurus: The Moon

Do not try to force things. Can you become comfortable with uncertainty? 

Gemini: 4 Pentacles

It’s time to let go. Examine what you are clinging to. Does it serve you? 

Cancer: Temperance R

Experiment with balance.How will you nourish and maintain all the relationships in your life?

Leo: 5 Wands R

Conflict & Competition. How well are you at asking for help? 

Virgo: 3 Cups

Reunions and celebrations. Who are you missing? 

Libra: The Fool R

New energy flowing. How will you make sure to stay alert? 

Scorpio: Queen of Swords R

Blocks created by other people. How will you communicate softly?

Sagittarius: Ace of Swords

New beginnings from endings. Will you be brave enough to start?

Capricorn: Judgement R

Slow down & think things through. Is jumping to conclusions good?

Aquarius: The High Priestess R

The energy you want is there. How will you listen to your intuition? 

Pisces: 6 Wands R 

Despite everything, you are getting what you want. How will you move forward without fear? 

Celtic Cross Outlook: Remainder of 2020

Celtic Cross Outlook: Remainder of 2020

The Celtic Cross is one of the most in-depth draws a reader can use. For the querent (the person asking the question), it can be most illuminating!

This has been a crazy year. It doesn’t matter that astrologists knew something would be going down. There is no way we could have been prepared for a worldwide shutdown. As the days get further from Day Zero of the Shutdown, it’s only natural to wonder where we are headed.

I have been using the Tarot along with my Faith in God, to guide my life for the last 5 years. Why should today be any different?

Here is Eternal Tarot’s Celtic Cross Outlook for the remainder of 2020:

Full Reading:

Celtic Cross Outlook Rest of Year 

  • Heart: 8 Swords Reversed
    • Preparing for change and the actions followed by big decisions. Using courage to move past fears. It is time to move forward even if you are unsure about the future. Certainty is an illusion as we can never be prepared for everything that can happen. Know that when we need help, help is available. All you have to do is ask.
  • Cross: Ace of Cups
    • New beginnings, usually within the realm of love. Great time to make friends. General goodwill in the air. Feeling good about life!
  • Root: Knight Swords
    • Physical, spiritual and emotional energy at a peak. Positive news on the way. Feelings of accomplishment. The right person coming along. Felling swept of your feet with good news.
  • Past: Queen Pentacles R
    • Finding joy in the everyday and beauty in the simplicity of life. The extra time we have had to appreciate the world around us. In reverse, we are asked to pay attention to our home lives.
  • Attitudes & Beliefs: Queen of Cups
    • Love compassion and concern fro ourselves and our fellow man. Representing a female with lighter hair. The women in your life fully support you. There is a lot of female energy on your side. Treat yourself with love and compassion, you’re worthy of it.
  • Future: 8 Wands R
    • Patience. Are you using your personal energy efficiently? Are you making forward movement? If you’re feeling guilty about the past: what good can that do? Will it change it? Forgive yourself and maintain connection to your conscience.
  • You: Knight Pentacles
    • Good news in regards to money will be arriving! This good news is the result of hard work and laborious efforts. In other words: you earned it bayby! Make sure that you are taking care of the details in your work.
  • Environment: Hierophant R
    • Confusion about the right thing to do. This indicates needing to do more research and find out more information before making a decision. This card can also indicate being misunderstood. If you’re just a soul whose intentions are good….then so what.
  • Hopes & Fears: 10 Swords
    • Being wary of who and what to trust. When this is the case, rely on someone you care about: you. Trust yourself when you have no one to trust.
  • Outcome: 5 Pentacles R
    • The appearance of concrete new prospects. Moving away from fear and insecurity with renewed confidence. Trust all good feelings at this time. The time has come to rejoice.

Extract of Reading

aka What does this all mean?

Knowing it’s time to move on. 

New beginnings and feeling good about life!

But having a hard time acknowledging blessings due to worry and fear of the unknown. 

Positive news and fortunate meetings have given us reason to celebrate the things we are presently overlooking. 

We have recently learned how to appreciate the small lovely details of life during our time at home due to the coronavirus. 

We are feeling more love towards ourselves and towards our community. Surrounded by loving feminine energy. 

We will need to take note of how efficient we are being with our energy. Self-forgiveness with lots of patience will be important in order to heal. 

The hard work you have been putting in will soon bear fruit. 

There may be some confusion and misunderstandings in your life about what is the right thing to do. Ask more questions. 

All in all: the outlook is good! Things will be looking up! Keep counting your blessings and focus on the good!


Eternal Tarot

The Celtic Cross

The Celtic Cross

As a practitioner of cartomancy and energy work; I believe in individualism. I will explain what the Celtic Cross Spread is, what it means to me, and the method that I employ when doing this reading. If you are familiar with a different way, that’s groovy too. Life is so vast, not one path is the path for all. 

The Celtic Cross is seen in A. E. Waite’s “The Pictorial Key to the Tarot” published in 1910. Mr. Waite claims to have learned about the spread from private individuals throughout England, Scotland and Ireland according to Juliette Wood in her essay “Secret Traditions in the Modern Tarot: Folklore and the Occult Revival.” 

What I certainly know, is that this spread is popular! It has some variations here and there but mostly sticks to the same components. Such as: 

  1. Heart of the Matter.
  2. Cross or Blockage
  3. Root
  4. Recent Past
  5. Attitudes and Beliefs
  6. Future
  7. You
  8. Your Environment
  9. Hopes and Fears
  10. Outcome

10 cards to really see every aspect of a question. Nothing left hidden.

This spread is excellent when you want to know how something started, why it started, what will happen, what you can do and how it will end. In other words, when you want to know everything. 

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10 Questions To Ask The Tarot

10 Questions To Ask The Tarot

You want to get a reading. But what should you ask?

When I started reading Tarot, I would come across the same decision. Usually. I would do a General Past, Present, Future (PPF). Anyways, let’s say there are a few things you really want to know about.

The Tarot will give you an answer. That’s a given. So you can ask anything really.

But! Will the interpretation make sense? Will it help guide you to your highest potential? That’s a whole other blog post.

10 questions you can ask the Tarot:

  • Will you ever see them again.
  • Should you go in to work today?
  • Are right for you?
  • Is this the time to start my business?
  • Should I go on this vacation or not?
  • What should I look out for?
  • Should I trust them?
  • How is my mom/dad/friend doing? (general wellness checks ONLY)
  • Should I get a pet?
  • Is that person interested in me?

Remember, you can always do a general reading for guidance too.

Draws: Past, Present, Future

The Past, Present, Future (PPF) Draw is one of the simplest and most effective draws. As the name states: it speaks on the past, the present, and the future (if nothing is changed).

Right? You get it. But what does that mean?

I like to look at it as

  • Past= Where you are coming from.
  • Present= Where you are at?
  • Future= Where you are going?

What I love about the PPF is that it gives you a great temperature check and shows you were you need to place your focus.

The idea of the future being set in stone is scary and not true. You are blessed with Free Will. The smallest well intentioned change will have a big effect. Believe.

The drawing pictured is for my followers and my readers for the week of May 11th, 2020.

Past: 8 Pentacles Reversed

Feeling unmotivated to make money. Losing sight of long term goals. This also indicates a time of asking for help and guidance. Take your time while working on your goals, no need to rush.

Present: 2 Swords Reversed

Feeling out of touch with your emotions. Be alert; there are untrustworthy characters around. Double think commitments. This energy is precarious. People who make promises and do not keep them are not to be trusted.

Future: 3 Cups Reversed

Pleasant reunions. Enjoying community and friendship. A great time to work on our bonds so we do not go on “alone”. Reach out to the important people of your life in the best way you can.

Bad Readings

Bad Readings

It’s happened: you got The Tower when asking about your current situation.


Surely this means the worst?

Actually, no. You’re in luck because you have free will! This means that you can change the outcome of your future with any changes you make.

So you got The Tower when asking about your relationship. If ending the relationship is what you really want, then do nothing. If the relationship means a lot to you: change. Stop assuming, start asking.

The tarot is only a tool. You are the one who wields it.



Tarot is an ancient tool that has been used to explore within, receive guidance and foretell of events. The tarot is made up of 78 cards. Each card depicting an image that evokes primal memories. The tarot being a tool, can be used for any number of things. 

Questions to ask during a tarot reading: 

  • Will this relationship work out?
  • Should I start my business?
  • Where am I at, spiritually?