Community Unity

On the eve of the New Moon in Gemini (5-22-2020), a gorgeous sound bath came across my instagram feed. The sound healing session was being conducted by a beautiful woman, named Sugar, who radiated love. (Sound Bath Link Here) I was enchanted with her lovely collection, her reassuring words and her soulful playing.

Sugar of Be Crystal Clear and her singing bowls.

Sugar raised the bar for me in my own personal goals. She embodied someone I knew I could strive to be, but had yet to see in the world. Her sound bath inspired me and energized me in a way I had not felt before. It was a blessing to find her.

Then on June 3rd, she posted that her healing center, Be Crystal Clear, had been looted during the protests. (link here)

All of her singing bowls were broken. 😢 Most of her crystals were stolen. Her space destroyed.

The disbelief I felt on that day, to see what had unfolded, is still felt today. Sugar worked 27 years to realize her vision for her healing space. In one evening it was gone. An unjust casualty to circumstance.

A Gofundme has been started to help Sugar rebuild her space. To help reach the goal, I am offering a Past, Present, Future (PPF) Tarot reading for anyone who donates at least $20 to Sugar’s Gofundme. (Link Here) After you send your donation: email, text, or DM me a screenshot and we’ll book your session.

Sugar’s composure & willingness to forgive during this terrible tragedy is so inspiring. I believe we can all come together and help rebuild a lovely space.


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